Live from Hyderabad!

This place is *cold* ! There, I said it.
I am back at the old cyber cafe that I am used to. I introduced Firefox here a couple of years back. And guess what: All systems here now use the latest version, *exclusively* !
I haven't used a windows system in a while, so it suddenly feels very funny on this win98 box.
The newest Y! messenger I've been told so much about, is here. It doesn't seem very different. Just a lot slower and bulkier. And I just made my avatar too!


The FOSS-EDU group in Bangalore met yesterday, at Coffee Day, Cunningham road. The idea that the events have to be interactive, in some form or another, dominated the whole meet. Arky was there and shared with us some of his experience.
You can read more about the FOSS-EDU project here.

And thanks a ton to Praveen for putting in great efforts to make the whole thing happen!

I'll be leaving for hyderabad today, so the planet is going to stay stagnant till the morning of the first. At least.

FOSS month meet

A few of us working towards the FOSS month idea are meeting on Friday evening at 6 PM at Coffee Day at Cunningham road. If you're interested, contact me, or praveen or just be there!

vrlinug portal 0.0.01 released!

Yes thats right! The vrlinug portal is finally out! Its still in its nascent stages, so any feedback is very welcome!
Also, its running from my home system, with a small pipe, so be gentle...

New host needed!

I just realised, my webhost doesn't provide me with shell access!!! WTF !?
I urgently need a new host. I need

20M+ of Linux hosting
One email account.
Decent bandwidth limit (ie *not* 100MB!)
Shell access --> *very important*
FTP access

Know one? Let me know!

vrlinug planet

Vrlinug needs a planet, among other things..
If you are a member of the mailing list and have a tech blog of sorts, then let me know, I'll add you to the planet, as soon as its up and running.

BOF anyone?

vrlinug has been dormant for over a couple of months now. Maybe we should all get together informally at a coffee house or something of the sort?