Cluster for Coffee?

Came across this link which explains how to build a cluster in your drawing room in minutes!
Got to try it out sometime!

6000+ page views in 20 days!

That's right!
My photogallery views, and bandwidth consumption have gone through the roof!
6000+ views, and nearly 1000 MB of bandwidth!
If you haven't already, then check it at !

Free from Mukthi!


Mukthi 6.03 was a grand success!
I've captured it in pictures at

Over 250 participants from in and around Bangalore and Mysore took part.
The overwhelming response should have finally silenced some critics...

My talk went pretty well, or so I think. I gave a very short talk (we were behind schedule by over an hour!), and gave away cds to the crowd at the end of. I asked 10 questions, and those who could answer them, got the CDs.
Its a lot of fun talking to an interactive audience!

I've also finally managed the time to throw a CMS onto my main page. Using an interesting javascript based theme with menu rollups and things for the main site now. Head over to and check it out for yourself!

I've also added some resources useful for Computer Networks and UNIX system programming at the same site.

Mukthi 6.03 is finally underway!
Yesterday Swaroop's talk was a *big* hit! Bigger than anyone could have imagined!
Typing from the Hi-Tech seminar hall, even as the Manojit Majumdar from IBM, the Premium sponsors is speaking.
Atul Chitnis' talk was outstanding as usual, Biju Chacko enthralled the crowds with his knowledge of FOSS Licenses.
The crowd did start getting a bit un easy as Biju was talking, thanks to the 5th semester results, which came around at a very wrong time!
In any case, I got 66%, and passed all subjects! :D

More when I can post from here. My talk is at 3:30 PM. But will mostly get delayed by about half an hour.

Pictures come on Monday!

New website!

Yay! I've finally got my new website!
Head off to right away!

Just the photogallery is up right now. Next thing to put up is drupal for the main page.
Then a class scrap book.
Other apps like CodeView will come soon.

Java Web Start a breeze?

I've been trying to get Java web start working on Breezy, but no dice...

srichand@krypton:~$ javaws
Java Web Start splash screen process exiting .....
Splash: sysCreateListenerSocket failed: No such file or directory