The iPhone camera

Originally uploaded by Srichand Pendyala
The iPhone's much maligned camera, with a 2 mega pixel "resolution" sensor is actually capable of taking good pictures.

The controls on the camera ("Click") certainly don't rival even the closest point and shoot cameras. But it certainly has its charm. For one, it takes all the technicality out of taking a picture and lets you concentrate on composing your picture and just your picture. The downside of course, is that you don't get to choose any aperture, speed or focus settings. But seriously, its a camera on a Phone!

Picture on this post, is from the tram at the Minneapolis airport. Post processed with the Camerabag application, on the iPhone itself. Click on the picture to see my Flickr stream, with more iPhone pictures.



10:51 AM

The vintage car could have been given so much more depth. Nonetheless, for a phone, not bad.

  Srichand Pendyala

11:03 AM

Vintage car? My friend will be in fits if he reads your comment!! That's a perfectly working college going machine you see there!

But yeah, this is from just a phone that doesn't support _any_ settings whatsoever. The "camera" application, only lets you Click, or exit. Not even digital zoom.