The gear

Pictured, is my new D60 along with a bargain Soligor 90-230mm F4.5 manual, I got off eBay, for $20.
The other glass (not in the picture), is a humble Nikkor AF-S 18-55 DX VR.

The Soligor has been my lens of choice, ever since I began understanding the concept of exposure better. Shooting without any metering whatsoever and with a manual focus is a little daunting at first (especially so, for someone new to D-SLRs), but certainly not a major hurdle.

The remote control on the right, is a Phillips universal remote, that I've programmed to use as a remote trigger for the D60.



2:04 AM

From a distance, that picture looks rather ew. Freaking huge thing man!

  Srichand Pendyala

3:04 AM

Yeah, that's one massive lens on the front! Its an all metal lens and is even heavier than it looks!!


2:13 PM

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6:33 PM

Can vouch for the weight of the lens, having carried it around some. Phir bhi, me a great fan of the soligor.


3:54 AM

Wow the camera is excellent.

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