Krypton Fuzz!

Introducing my own brand of Guitar Distortion Fuzz boxes!
The picture you see on the left is my first polished (literally) prototype of a fuzz box, and I must say, it sounds good!

Construction details are quite simple: Just put in a two level hard clipper circuit (silicon diodes are good) in the negative feedback loop of a 741 op-amp! That's it!

And when they tell you that the 741 produces very little noise, believe them!

This also marks my transition from transistor based preamps to op-amp based ones. Op-amps are so much easier to use, and have *much* lesser ambient noise!

The toughst part of it all was to cut the stainless steel box! Nails barely made a dent in it, while my hand drill couldn't even scratch it! I finally gave in, and chopped out an entire vertical section using shears (a wire cutter actually).

The metal box has two main advantages. Firstly its stable. It doesn't get thrown about too much even if you're the Kurt Cobain type. Secondly, and more importantly, it eliminates effects of interference from the surroundings.