Image viewer for Linux

Terrible. That's the only word I'd use to describe my experience with F-Spot. Any image viewer that moves files around on the filesystem, without my explicit permission each time, is just terrible. F-Spot's instability is legendary too.

Google's Picasa 3 for Linux is okay for the most part. Except of course, Google's choice to override my Alt+Ctrl key binding for full-screen mode is irritating, to say the least. Anyone who uses multiple desktops on GNOME knows my pain. And of course, you can't upload to Flickr from Picasa directly.

KDE's Digikam has most of the right components in place. Except, that it wants me to look at my entire collection in a Folder centric view. I can't view all Folders at once.

Is there any other image viewer I should try out?

Also, WHY cannot image viewers standardize on tagging formats? I have to tag and retag my pictures each time I change image viewers.

Enough of ranting for today, time to get some sleep.

Mood: Arrr!!!



7:40 PM

F-spot does suck. Agreed.