C350 with linux?

I need a phone managing software. There's Motorola Manager for windows, a free (as in beer) software that does most of what I want. I still haven't found a decent enough phone manager on Linux.
It needs to:

1. Download the messages from my Inbox and Outbox, Keep my address book updated from the one on the phone. Synchro the datebook on the phone and on my system.
2. Keep all that info in a MySQL database so that I can query it as I like.
3. Have both a command line AND a gui interface.

I've started out with Python for the backend. I've still not figured out how exactly I should communicate with the serial port (USB actually).
Just writing and reading to/from /dev/ttyACM0 isn't working very well, as I can't extract the stuff that the phone throws back to me easily and efficiently enough.

Guess I first need a library to communicate with a serial port more cleanly..

Keep watching this space for more!