Whats been happening

I'am back after a long haitus.

Just got over with FOSS.IN/2005, an absolutely amazing linux and open source conference.
I've got my hands on Belenix, a live Open Solaris distro. It isn't the greatest of live cds (it takes about 20 minutes to boot up!).
All attempts to install it have been in vain so far. Solaris, like other UNIXes (unices?) requires to be in a primary partition, which my partition table isn't going to allow. So, as of now, i have to restructure my entire partition table!
That means, i'll have to backup my data (all 80GB of it!), and clean up the partition table and then proceed to install Solaris, and then Ubuntu Breezy.

Its already past midnight and i'am still searching for data to backup.