So laris?

Solaris has been giving me hell over the past week..
Formatted my entire drive (82.3G!) thrice, rewritten the entire partition table an equal number of times and I finally have a decent partition table to triple boot.

First create your paritition table with the Linux fdisk (use knoppix or slax).
Make sure you have a partition with FAT32/NTFS to install windows, a partition with EXT3 for linux, and a Solaris partition (type 0xbf) as primary partitions. Then make your /home and other windows partitions within logical partitions. This is important, as Solaris only installs to primary partitions.

Then go ahead and install windows on the FAT32/NTFS partition. Then install Linux on the EXT3 partition. Check to see if windows still boots. (You shouldn't get the ntldr missing error!).
Then install solaris.
Solaris allows you to partition things nicely, so if you already have a solaris partition ready (which you should), then it'll install directly to that. If you're not sure about the slices concept, then let the installer handle it for you.
Technically, the installation should complete, and the solaris boot manager gets installed on the MBR. It works fine here, except that the JDS now doesn't have Nautilus. Nor does anything else work!

And the Solaris driver support is PATHETIC! It refuses to detect my network card and my sound cards!